The student council of the Dr D. Y. Patil College of Nursing constitutes of the Faculty members and the Student Representatives. It functions under Student Nurses Association (SNA).The President of the council is the Principal of the College and the Faculty members to guide the students and to hold various posts like SNA Advisor, Cultural Incharge, Sports Incharge, Treasurer Incharge, Discipline Incharge and the Assistant Incharges of all the posts from faculty.

The students hold the various offices like Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer Incharge, Sports Incharge and Assistant Sports Incharge, Cultural Incharge and Assistant Cultural Incharge, Discipline Incharge and Assistant Discipline Incharge. SNA Representatives from each class are elected to represent their class.

Event calendar of SNA UNIT 2019-
Sr no Event Month
1 Fresher’s Party August
2 Inter College Debate Competition August
3 SNA Election August
4 General Body Meeting I August
5 Teachers Day & Debate Competition by Federal Bank September
6 State Level Biennial Conference September
7 Gandhi Jayanti Celebration. October
8 Diwali Celebration. October
9 National Conference November
10 General Body Meeting II December
11 Christmas Celebration. December
12 Annual Week January
13 DPU Sports February
14 TNAI Sports And Cultural Events March
15 DPU Nite April
16 Nurses Day Celebration May
17 Farewell June
  1. To help students to uphold the dignity and ideals of the profession for which they are qualifying.
  2. To promote a corporate spirit among students for common good.
  3. To help students develop abilities with professional ethics and as citizens.
  4. To encourage leadership ability and help students to gain wide knowledge of the nursing profession in all its different branches and aspects.
  5. To increase the students social contacts and general knowledge in order to prepare them to take their place in the field of nursing upon completion of training.
  6. To encourage all round development and sportsmanship, to help students develop effective communication skills in speaking and writing.
  7. To encourage the students to compete in various competitions and also to participate in regional, state and national conferences.

A wide variety of activities are geared to strengthen curricular and co-curricular components. Activities conducted are as follows:

  • Professional.
  • a) Organization of Meetings and Conference.
  • b) Maintenance of SNA Diary.
  • c) Propagation of Nursing Profession.
  • Educational.
  • a) Exhibition.
  • b) Public Speaking and Writing.
  • c) Project Undertaking.

III. Socio-cultural and recreational activities.

  • Fund raising.


Sr No. Position Name of teacher
1 President Dr. Mrs Rupali Salvi
2 SNA Advisor Mrs. Martha Raut
3 Treasurer Dr. Mrs Sadhana Adhyapak
4 Assistant Treasurer Mrs Avnee Naik
5 Sports Incharge Ms. Vaishali Jagtap
6 Assistant Sports Incharge Ms. Gurpreet Bumrah
Mr. Sanjay Sabde
7 Cultural Incharge Mrs. D Priya
8 Assistant Cultural Incharge Mrs. Pooja Nikam
Mrs. Jithya P M
9 Discipline Incharge Mrs. Jayabala Aghamkar
Mrs. Kavita Kelkar
10 Assistant Discipline Incharge Mrs. Archana Pardeshi
Mrs Ceena Bejoy
Vice-President Mr. Shubham Vaidya 4th Year BSc Nursing
General Secretary Ms. Gitty Varughese 3rd Year BSc Nursing
Treasurer Mr. Darshan Kulkarni 4th Year BSc Nursing
Co-Treasurer Mr. Saurabh Padghan Mr. Surajkumar maindad 3rd Year BSc Nursing 2nd Year BSc Nursing
Cultural In-charge Mr.Pratik Channe 4th Year BSc Nursing
Co-cultural In charge Mr. Shubham Mahadle Mr. Saurabh Nirmal 3rd Year BSc Nursing 2nd Year BSc Nursing
Sports In charge Mr. Akash Karwanje 4th Year BSc Nursing
Co-sports In charge Mr. Onkar Rajure Mr. Sahil Khan 3rd Year BSc Nursing 2nd Year BSc Nursing
Discipline In charge Mr. Matin Swari. 4th Year BSc Nursing
Co-Discipline Incharge Ms Prachi Gawade Mr. Samson Kamble 3rd Year BSc Nursing 2nd Year BSc Nursing