DPU Nursing college Faculty

Highly experienced and well-qualified nursing faculty as per stipulation of Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi.

As per Indian Nursing Council New Delhi Norms, total 22 Nursing faculty should be appointed for annual intake of 100  students per year.  This faculty includes Principal, Vice Principal and 3 Professors and Associate Professors, 5 Lecturers  and  12 Sister Tutors / Clinical Instructors.  In addition to this, per clinical areas, clinical experts for different subjects are appointed as guest Lecturer from first year to fourth year Nursing students on clock Basis.  

Sr. No. Photo Designation Name Date of Joing Qualification Area of Sepcialization Total Teachng Experience
1 Rupali M.Salvi Principal Mrs. Rupali M.Salvi 01.07.2005 M.Sc.Nursing. Community Health Nursing 20 yrs.
2 Sucheta Yangad Asso. Professor Ms.Sucheta Yangad 01.09.2009 M.Sc.Nursing. Medical Surgical Nursing 13 yrs.
3 Sadhana Adhyapak Asso. Professor Mrs.Sadhana U.Adhyapak 01.07.2006 M.Sc.Nursing. Medical Surgical Nursing 17 yrs.
4 Vaishali Jagtap Lecturer Ms. Vaishali L.Jagtap 01.07.2006 M.Sc.Nursing. Child Health Nursing. 12 yrs.
5 Nisha Naik Lecturer Mrs. Nisha S.Naik 01.07.2006 M.Sc.Nursing. Mental Health Nsg. 11 yrs.
6 Shweta Joshi Lecturer Mrs. Shweta S.Joshi 02.07.2007 M.Sc.Nursing. Child Health Nursing. 11 yrs.
7 Jayabala Aghamkar Lecturer Mrs. Jayabala Aghamkar 13.07.2005 M.Sc.Nursing. Obstertical & Gyneacological Nursing 21 yrs.
8 D.Priya Lecturer Mrs. D.Priya 23.09.2009 M.Sc.Nursing. Child Health Nursing. 13 yrs.
9 Martha Raut Lecturer Mrs. Martha Raut 02.07.2012 M.Sc.Nursing. Obstertical & Gyneacological Nursing 17 yrs.
10 Manisha Gaikwad Lecturer Ms. Manisha Gaikwad 01.08.2011 M.Sc.Nursing. Medical Surgical Nursing 6 yrs.
11 Gurpreet Bumrah Clinical Instructor Ms. Gurpreet Bumrah 01.08.2015 M.Sc.Nursing. Community Health Nursing 7 yrs.
12 Jasmin Shijo Clinical Instructor Mrs. Jasmin Shijo 07.09.2010 M.Sc. Nursing Child Health Nursing 6 yr.
13 Avnee Naik Clinical Instructor Mrs. Avnee Naik 01.08.2015 M.Sc.Nursing. Obstertical & Gyneacological Nursing 2 yrs.
14 Roopali Patil Clinical Instructor Mrs. Roopali Patil 01.08.2014 M.Sc.Nursing. Medical Surgical Nursing 3 yrs.
15 Anu P.S Clinical Instructor Mrs. Anu P.S 27/07/2015 M.Sc.Nursing. Child Health Nursing 2 yrs.
16 Appanagaod Patil Clinical Instructor Mr. Appanagaod Patil 03.08.2015 M.Sc. Nursing Mental Health Nsg. 3 yrs.
17 Neeta Ambore Clinical Instructor Mrs. Neeta Ambore 08.03.2016 M.Sc. Nursing Mental Health Nsg. 3 yr.
18 Naziya Sutar Clinical Instructor Ms. Naziya Sutar 11.01.2012 M.Sc. Nursing Child Health Nursing 4 yrs.
19 Nutan Waghole Clinical Instructor Mrs. Nutan Waghole 07.01.2014 B.Sc. Nursing −−−− 2 yrs.
20 Shekinah A.Gore Clinical Instructor Ms. Shekinah A.Gore 11.03.2016 B.Sc. Nursing −−−− 1 yr.
21 Anu Thankachan Gibi Clinical Instructor Ms. Anu Thankachan Gibi 19/03/2016 B.Sc. Nursing −−−− 3 yr.
22 Jayshree Laxman Pawar Clinical Instructor Ms. Jayshree Laxman Pawar 21.03.2016 B.Sc. Nursing −−−− 1 yr.