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Research Finance Assistance

Name of the project Duration of the project Name(s) of the teacher(s) working in the project receiving seed money The amount of seed money provided (INR in lakhs) Year of receiving the seed money
Effect of video assisted teaching on knowledge, attitude and practices regarding infection control measures and structural audit among health workers at selected Primary Health Centers (PHC) One year Mrs. Pooja Nikam 45,000/- 2019-2020
Effect of simulation on cardiac defibrillation practices among nurses working in critical care area. One year Mrs. Archana Pardeshi 70,000/- 2019-2020
Knowledge of the warning signs of foot ulcer deterioration among patients with diabetes. One year Mr. Sanjay Sabde 20,000/- 2019-2020
Effect of video assisted teaching module on knowledge of postnatal mothers regarding selected danger signs of neonatal illness. One year Mrs. Avnee Naik 35,000/- 2019-2020
Assessment and effectiveness of educational intervention regarding knowledge of self care management of Diabetes Mellitus during Pandemic Covid 19 among senior citizens residing in selected old age homes. One year Mrs. Kavita Kelkar Dr. Mrs. Rupali Salvi Dr. Shubhangi Kanitkar Mrs. Ceena Bejoy 30,000/- 2020-2021
Effect of Physical Exercise on Child Wellbeing during Covid -19. One year Dr. Shweta Joshi Dr. Manisha Rathi Dr. Preeti Gazbare Mrs. Dhanshree Kutwal Dr. Mrs. Nisha Naik 35,000/- 2020-2021
Assessment of quality of life among Covid-19 frontline warrior (Nurses) and impact of this job on their family: a descriptive study. One year Dr. Mrs. Rupali Salvi Dr. Mrs. Nisha Naik Ms. Surekha Kasab Mr. Sanjay Sabde Mrs. Mary Ajith Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar 70,000/- 2020-2021
Impact of Tele-yoga on Mental Health among Nurses during Covid -19 pandemic One year Dr. Nisha Naik Dr. Rupali Salvi Mrs. Jithya P.M. Mrs. Pradnya Vishal Parakh Dr. Pradnya Kakodkar 50.000/- 2021-2022
A study to assess effect of simulator blended learning on competency related to Intravenous peripheral cannulation among nursing students of selected institutions. One year Dr. Sucheta Yangad Dr. Urmila Abhijeet Patil 30,000/- 2021-2022
Awareness and perception regarding Covid 19 vaccination among registered population in selected vaccination centers of PCMC One year Mrs Ceena Bejoy Dr. Rupali Salvi Dr. Nisha Naik Mrs. Avnee Naik Ms. Sonali Vaidhya 45,000/- 2021-2022
Impact of Lockdown among senior citizen due to Covid 19 pandemic in selected area of PCMC. One year Mrs. Surekha Patil Dr. Rupali Salvi Dr. Nisha Naik Mrs. Jayabala Aghamkar Mrs. Jasmin Shijo 50,000/- 2021-2022