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You can achieve many things in your life because of self-improvement by ignoring distractions and focusing on the ultimate goal of your life.

Mr. Sanjay Sabde
February, 27 2023

Let me introduce myself, I am a postgraduate in MSc Nursing.

I am passionate about self-improvement and wake up every morning excited about designing and living the life that I want, at one point, my life was not working the way I had dreamed about it.

I lost my job at age 28, after working really hard. This pushed me to find answers to my life and make it work.

I have many mentors who have helped me transform my life and when I look back, it is hard to believe.

The transformation I have given through this journey has been totally exciting and has given me so much confidence about what I can truly create in my life.

Early morning is the best time to get work done and waking up early makes the whole day better.

I have to struggle a lot and it is still a fight. I have to wake up at 4 am and 5 am on many days, but that is what I found.

  1. Early to bed, the night before helps.
  2. It's got to become part of your daily life routine.
  3. Know how many hours of sleep you require.

I have always been in personal development I don’t think there was an event that triggered me towards personal growth.

As a kid, I usually was the optimistic guy, always protected my classmates, took everyone with me, and did not leave anyone behind.

I will say a smart person knows life is short, so if you are brilliant, you would realize that you need to get off your time to experience your life truly.

Smartness and talent do not give happiness and fulfillment you need to engage with life to get the best out of it.

Cutting down the amount of noise and distractions in your life, WhatsApp, and social media like Facebook, snap chat, television, and movies are all productivity killers.

  1. Check WhatsApp and social media only once a day may be during lunchtime.
  2. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode or even better, switch off, and at a place where you can’t see it, check it once every 2 hours to see if you missed an important call.

Early morning time is really a good time to get things done. There are fewer distractions, and you are fresh after a good night's sleep, doing your morning rituals, and spending 90 to 120 minutes cracking your biggest problem in hand.

And of course, taking regular breaks and doing work continuously without stopping to take a 10 or 20-minute break is like driving the car on the highway and not stopping to refuel.

Ultimately, you will not reach your destinations through self-improvement.

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