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Life in an Indian Village

Life in an Indian Village

Living in an Indian village has its challenges: lack of healthcare, education, and job opportunities. Yet, the sense of community and traditions make it special.

Ms. Shubhashree Dhir
March, 25 2023

Living in an Indian village seems to be satisfying, joyful, and acceptable but actually, it is quite challenging.

Why is there always a choice made to migrate from a village for different needs rather than to continue a happy life there itself?

Lack of suitable medical care can be troublesome, as can a lack of power, wide streets, transportation, or residences built with mud or dirt. Because of this, they can miss professional opportunities.

Understudies and children have it particularly tough in Indian towns because, besides the problems outlined above, they are also denied access to the necessary education that would allow them to pursue career opportunities.

In certain areas of India, there is only one primary school where children attend from neighbouring towns.

In any case, getting the necessary instruction is very difficult because parents, especially those of young girls, are often reluctant to send their children away.

Guardians feel that in order to get some extra money, their children should work alongside them in the family business.

Young women are discouraged from attending school since they are expected to assist their mothers with household chores.

In contrast to metropolitan communities, the people take part in gathering together, living like a loving family, and helping each other when things go wrong instead of going about their lives detachedly.

Being local and having a home are highly valued experiences.

Yet with all of these problems, life in an Indian town is still something to look forward to because the festivals are huge, and the culture is largely faultless.

When everyone in the neighbourhood comes together to celebrate with songs, dances, and social music.

Every event is praised enthusiastically, especially during the collection season.

India should make significant investments in its rich culture and traditions.

Nowadays, most people from rural areas give up their houses and relocate to urban areas in order to either work or review.

But the reality is that life in the town region is far more peaceful and charming than in some other large cities.

Towns are simple, peaceful, and have a distinctive beauty to them.

Most people who live in towns work in the fields to earn a living; they are generally devoted and start their days earlier than most people who live in metropolitan areas or towns.

They simply take a nap when dawn arrives after working hard all day in the field.

The fact that communities are exempt from the heavy traffic of city life is what makes them the most relaxed.

Towns are thought to be more tranquil, serene, calm, and teeming with plant life, where one may continuously breathe in the fresh air and be healthy with no difficulties related to contamination.

The majority of people that produce handcrafted goods come from rural areas, including ranchers, potters, artisans, metalsmiths, and so on.

Because they are the ones who assist in ploughing the field, producing harvests, and bringing in money for them, bulls are also used for cultivating and other tasks in the field and are also seen as their dedicated god.

Even though every happiness could be found in the cities, most opportunities are available but still somewhere if the individual has spent a larger time or childhood duration in the village always misses or looks in the search of such an environment because at last, a life looks satisfying peace and happiness.

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