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Gender Trends in the Nursing Profession

Gender Trends in the Nursing Profession

Some years ago, the nursing profession was totally considered a woman field but now the number of male nursing professionals are growing day by day.

Dr. Kavita Kelkar
February, 20 2023

Demand for Male Nurses in Nursing Profession

In India, at least 20.5% of nurses in 2018 were male, according to a World Health Organization report on the country's health workforce in India.

It’s been observed that nursing has been a generally female-dominated profession. Women have made significant contributions to the nursing field, and patient care is not determined by gender.

As more and more men have returned to the field, they are succeeding there and shattering stereotypes in the process.

Due to the worldwide nurse deficit and rising need for nursing experts, there are many job opportunities in the field.

The greatest example of a male in the nursing profession is the Indian Nursing Council's president Dr. T. Dilip Kumar, and the Maharashtra Nursing Council's president, Dr. Ramling B. Mali.

The nursing profession is thriving at the national and state levels under their capable leadership.

A Growing Male Presence

Encouraging men to become nurses is more important than ever; the current situation indicates an increased demand for nurses globally.

In the health care delivery system, encouraging all kinds of professionals to provide patient-centered care can be advantageous for patients.

During hospitalization, most clients believe they are very comfortable with a same-gender nurse.

Male nurses are required in this profession since they are essential members of the nursing team.

Having male nurses on the nursing team has always provided great support to co-workers. They provided emotional support and a secure environment to a female co-worker.

The nursing profession requires heterogeneity to run without any obstacles, which generates a massive demand for men in the nursing field.

Motivation Influences Men to Enter Nursing

The following intrinsic motivational factors were observed in men entering the nursing field.

  • Desire to help others.
  • Steady profession
  • Noble Profession
  • Better prospects for career advancement and promotion
  • Numerous nursing specializations
  • Great earning potential
  • Flexibility in timing
  • Global Employment demand

By providing a large number of seats, very few nursing colleges in India offer an excellent opportunity for male students to enroll in nursing programs.

One of them is Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Nursing in Pimpri, Pune, which provides equal opportunity for male nursing students.

Male student enrollment at this college has increased dramatically since 2017.

Male & Female Student Enrollment

The current situation at this college is that 50 percent of male students are admitted to the nursing program, and the majority of alumni are placed in nationally and internationally recognized hospitals.

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