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Born to Grow Old With Care

Born to Grow Old With Care

Nobody wants to be old but it is an inevitable thing. It's a kind of happiness to grow old happily with loved ones.

Dr. Khurshid Jamadar
December, 23 2022

Not everyone wants to disclose their age. Especially women who never want to feel they are being old, and they feel very sad when they notice the first white hair on their head.

Getting old is not to be sad about, as all have to go through this journey of life. One is born to grow old someday and will need care.

Being old has several pleasures that the young may not have.

Everyone wants to be blessed with a long life, but they don’t want to get old.

Many people don’t want elder people at home, because you have to look after them with physical and emotional problems.

Of course, it is difficult to look after them, but it is hard to let someone go only because we don’t want to live this sacrificed life.

There are many things that we can learn from them because they have experienced many ups and downs in their life.

We must give them the proper care which includes showers, dressing them up, lifting them when necessary, giving them medications, and attending Doctor’s appointments.

They have the experience of many things that we don’t have. All they need is a caring heart and a smile which says, “Don’t worry I am there for you, I understand all your problems.” When we are taking care of the elderly with a whole heart, then we can understand unconditional love.

It will help in developing compassion, even though we face tensions along with them.

The feeling of loneliness is the worst feeling, especially when one partner after married life has passed away.

Nothing can be of any interest to them than the grandchildren, time spent with their own children, and peace of mind.

All must be aware that, you should be happy about being old. There are many things that may trouble you and the question is - how can you be happy?

The pain in the knee joints, back, and neck is not something to be happy about, but I know medications, exercises, and stress-free life can keep you happy.

One day when you grow old, you never feel that you are left out in the family. Feel happy that you have done all your responsibilities and now have given the chance to the younger generation.

The grandchildren can give you all the happiness. It will remind you that, you had looked after your own children and were never lazy people. You never went to the gym, but still, you felt energetic.

Just count the joy of being old and know how blessed you are. You have expensive lenses in your eyes. Golden teeth in your mouth. Crunchy legs when you walk, but you have all the experience in life.

Live your life to the fullest as there is- HAPPINESS IN BEING OLD, take care of the old, and see the blessings following you.

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