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Blood Donation – Be a Saviour

Blood Donation – Be a Saviour

Be a life saviour by donating blood to the needy receiver. By donating blood you are not just saving the lives of someone but his or her family also.

Mrs. Ceena Bejoy
March, 13 2023

“Blood Donation” the word donation itself means an act of helping someone who is in need, so when it comes to blood donation, it is a noble act of giving life to a person who needs blood.

Before there were many myths regarding blood donation like I am on medication, I can’t donate, I am old, so I can’t donate, and so on.

People didn’t have awareness about blood donation. But now, after knowing the facts and understanding the need, more people are donating blood.

There are millions of people who need blood every day, it can be a cancer patient or an emergency patient.

Blood Donation

According to statistical data, every year around 1.6 lakh people die because of road traffic accidents in India.

An average of 40 percent of road traffic accident victims die because of excessive blood loss, as when they reach out to the medical health care facilities, the blood is not available as per their blood groups.

Each and every human being are not the same, and so is the blood, we have different blood groups A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, and AB-.

There is a universal donor, the O blood group which can donate blood to anyone, and the universal recipient AB blood group which can receive blood from anyone.

“Life is priceless”. Many living in this world gives up hope when a suitable blood donor is not available.

They reach out to people far away just for the sake of their loved ones to be saved. Be a saviour for someone, by donating blood. Be kind, and the world will be kind to you.

On June 14th every year, world blood donor day is celebrated. Many voluntary organizations work towards blood donation programs by reaching out to the larger population through the use of mass media and spreading awareness regarding blood donation.

From my experience, me and my family were on the receiver side, I am very much grateful to the person who has done a noble act for me and my family’s survival, I can say I was fortunate enough.

When you receive something good, it's your duty to give it back to society. Don’t wait for others to do the noble act, see yourself first, have you done it?

A person who donates blood can save up to three lives.

Life is unpredictable, always a good deed done for others will be surely fruitful. Your good intention for the well-being of others, will one day pay back to you.

By donating blood today, you are not only saving a life who needs blood for living; you are saving a family who will always be thankful to you, as you are the reason for the living of that survivor.

Today he is in need, maybe tomorrow you or your loved ones will be, so be a saviour for someone.

Have you donated blood? If no, then it’s time for change: Be a Saviour, Donate Blood.

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